Our Staff

The Children’s Center is staffed with highly qualified educators trained in Early Childhood Education. Many of our teachers hold Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. Our low teacher/child ratios allow for the staff to plan and provide a high quality program in each of our classrooms.

The CCC is committed to maintaining staff who are consistently on the cutting edge of the Early Childhood Education field. Our teachers are provided a myriad opportunities for professional growth. All staff are encouraged to continue preparation in Early Childhood Education, to participate in professional development opportunities and to fulfill First Aid/CPR training, annually.

Administration (626) 395-6860

Executive Director – Susan Wood
Associate Director – Veronica Dayag
Office Manager – Seadra Chagolla
Accountant – Paulina Fuster

Classroom Teachers

Bunny Classroom

Eloisa Pagsisihan – Lead
Mirella Rodriguez
Elida Zavala
Tricia Stobert
Giovana Arredondo

Melissa Samples– Lead
Marilyn Gonzales
Jessica Gonzales
Angeline Picasso

Dolphin Classroom

Amanda Lawson – Lead
Erica Mendez
Marlene Garcia
Kayla Chambers

Diana Gomez– Lead
Retha Jones
Joanna Gutierrez
Vanessa Guerra

Penguin Classroom

Jackie – Lead
Veronica Espinosa
Jessica Lockridge

Janet Nunez – Lead
Ingrid Ellegaard-Hansen
Julia Flores
Angelica Gonzales

Koala Classroom

Olivia Garcia – Lead
Gretchen Kammerer
Carla Towns
Jacqueline Romero

Raccoon Classroom

Monica Dolan – Lead
Daniela Perez
Evelyn Sussman
Vien-Vi Ly

Beaver Classroom

Teresa De La Torre
Shain Yann Hsu
Cindy Antuna
Annie Tran

STEM Laboratory/Curriculum

Veronica Dayag – Associate Director/ECSTEM Coordinator

Music Specialist

Dayita Datta – Music Specialist

Supporting Classroom Staff

Silvia Luna – Preschool Housekeeper
Elena Zapata – Infant/Toddler Housekeeper