Hello Beaver families and friends! We look forward to having a wonderful year with all of you. We hope that you are able to use our page to stay up to date with Beaver events. In addition, we hope that this page helps everyone foster a great home to school connection. Please check out links and calendar for important information.




Exploration in the Beaver Room



Beavers 2016-2017

The Beavers have demonstrated an interest in exploring living organisms such as animals and plants.  During outside exploration time, they enjoy exploring The CCC preschool yard, the neighboring CCC community, and the Caltech campus.  Recently, the Beavers went on a campus walk to see the plants and trees around the Caltech campus, discovering characteristics of their growth and development.


The Beavers continue to explore their outdoor environment, observing and investigating living organisms within their natural habitats.  Exploring pond organisms from the Caltech campus ponds, and observing other living organisms that inhabit Tournament Park has been an exciting learning experience for all.


Investigating worms in the Beaver room