thanksgivingDear CCC Families,

Last Friday we had a very successful and inspiring Staff Retreat. We wanted to extend our gratitude to all our families for this time together which allowed us to give thanks to each other and appreciate the unique, diverse, and wonderful community we create, live in, and serve daily.

To facilitate portions of our day, we had three of our CCC family members support: board member Jim Franke, Raccoon and Alumni parent Patricia Wong, and Raccoon Room Parent Rachel Schacht. Jim led us through a fantastic brainstorming session for the beginning stages of developing our new mission statement (more of this to follow). Patricia guided us through a team building cooking exercise! And, with Rachel’s support, the afternoon was spent at the Huntington, where we were inspired by their mission integrating art, literature, and botanical gardens.

We are so grateful to have had this time together. Thank you, from all of us at the CCC!


The CCC Stafforiginal-group

Annual Matching Campaign 2016

November 1st, 2016

Dear CCC Family and Friends,

We enjoyed seeing many of you at the annual pancake breakfast last Saturday. It was a great opportunity for children and parents to get to know each other, see old friends and celebrate the new school year together as a community!

As we diligently work to provide excellence in early childhood education, we are asking for your help to support our endeavors. While your children’s tuition covers the bulk of our operating costs, we also count on our families to help throughout the year both with participation hours and donations. In addition, this year we are fortunate to have an anonymous donor who will match all donations up to $5000 arriving before December 22nd, 2016. This doubles the power of your gift!

As always, we have several levels of support that you can offer:

  • Donations of $35 or above qualify you for a CCC classroom-logo T-shirt (adult and youth sizes available);
  • Donations of $75 or above qualify you for the shirt and an embroidered CCC Cap (adult and youth sizes available)
  • Donations of $125 or above qualify you for a shirt and/or hat, plus an engraved Giving Tree Leaf, engraved with your name to hang on the tree in our outside corridor
  • Donations of $175 or above qualify you for a shirt and/or hat, plus an engraved Child’s Endowed Chair for the classrooms
  • Donations of $325 or above qualify you for a shirt and/or hat, plus an engraved Growing Stone that will join amongst the others along our walkway and around the beautiful oak tree in the parking lot.
  • Additional shirts are $25. Additional or individual hats are $35. Pre-ordered shirts will be produced and delivered during the month of January.

Additionally, we are continuing our tradition of Amazon Wish List Donations. The staff have prepared wish lists on with items that families may purchase which will go directly into the classroom. Amazon donations will count as “cash” towards our matching goal and are a fun way to support our program and the unique curriculum we provide.

Instructions for shopping for CCC on

You can sign up for Amazon Smile which will apply a portion of purchases made towards the CCC:

  1. Go to amazon
  2. Type in “the children’s center at Caltech” as your organization search.
  3. Select “the children’s center at Caltech”

Then, search for the following Wish List links:
CCC Bunny Classrooms
CCC Dolphin Classrooms
CCC Penguin Classrooms
CCC Koala Classroom
CCC Raccoon Classroom
CCC Beaver Classroom
When purchasing a gift for the classroom from Amazon, please include a note with your name so we know who the gift is from (and so we may thank you!).

As always, any level of participation is welcomed and appreciated! Your generosity will ensure that your child, and children to come, continue to receive the high quality educational activities provided at the CCC.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the fundraising co-chairs: Julia Walkup or Jim Franke. We are hoping for 100% CCC community participation.

Thank you in advance for supporting our wonderful program!

The CCC Fundraising Committee

Pesticide Use – This Weekend

Good morning,

This weekend, several trees on our yards will be treated (injected) with the following fungicide and insecticide:


TREE-age Insecticide.

The trees being treated are the

  • Sycamore’s in the preschool yard
  • Sycamore and Oak trees in the toddler yard.

Signs are posted noting the specific trees to be treated. There will be no interruption of school activity on our yards, and children may continue to play as usual. This information is being posted and shared per the Healthy Schools Act. Specific data sheets are available in the office for viewing as requested.

If you have any questions, please let the office know.

Thank you!

The CCC Staff

Hand Foot Mouth

Good afternoon,

As you may have noticed, we have had several cases of Hand Foot Mouth (coxsackievirus) in our program in the Bunny, Dolphin and Koala classrooms. We have been working closely with the Pasadena Public Health Department to ensure we are taking all of the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of illness.

The CCC follows a cleaning and sanitation frequency schedule that is posted on each classroom refrigerator and on our website here. We also have a cleaning crew that comes to clean the center nightly. This past Thursday, the staff did a thorough deep cleaning in each of the classrooms, specifically focusing on dramatic play areas, chairs, tables, fixtures and materials the children use frequently. We are also re-introducing effective hand washing techniques in all rooms to ensure they are washing their hands properly throughout the day, which is the best method of prevention. We will be replacing all of the faucets in the children’s bathrooms with a more effective model to make it easier and more effective for use. We are waiting on parts to arrive for this replacement.

Here is a link to the information from the CDC regarding Hand Foot Mouth. To help us prevent the spread of illness, please help your children wash their hands well and practice good technique at home. If your child has any symptoms of illness, please check in with your doctor and keep your child home until he/she is symptom free and/or has been cleared by a doctor to return to school. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your collaboration in prevention,


The CCC Staff