Regarding Enrollment

Dear CCC Families,

We are coming up on winter which can be a time of transition for many families in our community. We are excited to have welcomed many new families and staff members recently and hope you all get to know each other in the months to come.

As we move forward in the year we are anticipating that some of you will have schedule change requests and/or will be in a position where you may need to leave the center for personal or professional reasons. Forms to notify the center of these changes do require no less than 30 days’ notice, however we are requesting families to let us know as soon as possible if there is a foreseeable change in childcare needs for your family in the next few months.

Forms for schedule change requests, vacation notices, leave of absence, and termination can be found at the front desk and on our website under the Current Parents section.

Please know that schedule change requests will be handled in the order they are received and when there is available space. Keep in mind that the CCC offers full time and part time care in either a three day option of Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or a two day option of Tuesday, Thursday. As a means of continuity and consistency in our enrollment process, we will be ensuring that moving forward all families are on one of these three schedules. Those previously assigned an odd schedule will be asked in the coming school year to adjust their schedule accordingly.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you are anticipating a change for your family coming soon.

Thank you,

The CCC Administrative Team