Esteemed Guests Visit the CCC ahead of ECSTEM 2016

JFS_2071The guest tour of The Children’s Center at Caltech was a spectacular success! Below is a list of the distinguished attendees and panelists and some pictures to reflect the visit.

Susan Wood, M.A., Executive Director, The Children’s Center at Caltech

Mitch Aiken, M.Ed., Associate Director for Educational Outreach, Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach

Carrie Lynne Draper, M.Ed., STEM Director, Readiness Learning Associates

Dr. Russell Shilling, Executive Director for the STEM Office at U.S. Department of Education

Dr. Susan Hackwood, Executive Director of the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST)

Dr. Chip Donohue, Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education and Director of the TEC Center at Erikson Institute in Chicago

Dr. Thomas Rosenbaum, President of Caltech

Julie Wolf, Board of Trustees, The Children’s Center at Caltech

Richmond A. Wolf, Caltech Board of Trustees, Vice President, Capital World Investors

Dr. Cassandra Horii, Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach, Caltech

Tiffany Alva, Director of Early Learning, Think Together

Tia Dwyer, M.Ed., Chief of Field Operations, Think Together

Zachary First, President of the CCC Board of Trustees

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