Beavers Room Guidelines

Learning Goals for the Beavers

We are so happy to have your child as part of our class. In the Beavers we continue to focus on helping the children develop their independence and sense of self. We encourage the children to be independent and feel confident about learning and accomplishing new skills. This helps the children develop a strong sense of self-esteem. We accomplish this with lots of encouragement and celebration of achievements. We never force a child to try something that s/he is not ready to try.

Social development is an important area of growth at this age. Most children move from parallel play, playing alongside peers, to cooperative play or interaction with peers. We give the children enough time to develop friendships with peers and learn problem-solving skills through verbal communication. This is modeled many times throughout the day.

The children have many opportunities to develop and practice their listening skills. We spend a good amount of time developing these at circle time. The children listen to stories and discussions in a group. This encourages them to listen to their peers while verbalizing their own thoughts. Given the children simple directions also encourages the child to use his or her listening skills.

As language blossoms we encourage and give the children many opportunities to use their self-expression, such as Circle Time, Story Time, Mystery Box, and music. These are wonderful opportunities to develop this skill. The children are given individual time to verbally express themselves through story-telling, singing, and expressing their ideas. Just as important, self-expression happens spontaneously throughout the day. We always try to be there to listen

Birthday Policy

Birthdays are important milestones in the lives of children. The staff encourages the group recognition of each child’s birthday. We want the day to be special for your child and be one that they will remember. However, we have revised the current birthday policy.

As you know, the center provides nutritious morning and afternoon snacks. In the past, our families were encouraged to bring a nutritious birthday treat to school. Unfortunately, we have encountered many problems. To eliminate confusion, but most importantly to steer clear from the possibility of life threatening allergic reactions some children might face in sharing in a treat made at home, the Lead Teachers came up with a way to keep the FUN in birthdays as well as making sure your children’s nutritional needs are being met.

Therefore, Silvia or Elena will prepare a special birthday treat for your child. All you have to do is give us advance notice of your child’s special day. We will do the rest by making sure their day is happy, unforgettable, and most of all NUTRITIOUS!

Gentle Reminders


Children may bring a special toy, like a comfort item, to school; however, toys need to stay in their cubbies for safekeeping, to avoid any loss or damage.

Please limit to 1 toy
NO weapons (toys or otherwise) are allowed (e.g., NO plastic swords, knives, guns, etc.)


Children will be assigned a “Sharing Day” in which she/he brings in a special item (e.g., book, toy, clothes, etc.; again, no “weapons”). Children will describe the mystery item by giving 5 clues of description to elicit excitement, enhance their literacy skills, and promote social/self-esteem with peers. The class will try to guess what the item is.

Again, please limit to 1 mystery item during the child’s Sharing Day.
Sharing time normally takes place during morning circle or right before lunch.
If your child’s mystery box day lands on a day when the Center is closed, bring it on the next school day.


Please bring extra clothes, labeled with the child’s name or initials to avoid loss. The extra clothes will be kept in their cubbies for use as needed.

Also, in the event your child comes to school wearing party/formal shoes (dress-up shoes), please bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes (e.g., tennis shoes, enclosed sandals, etc.) for safety wear and adherence to school policy. We also go on many walks around campus, so comfortable walking shoes are needed.