Replenish CCC’s Emergency Relief Fund

Through this Relief Fund, we invite you to support the Children’s Center at Caltech that has been impacted by the current pandemic crisis.

Replenish CCC's Emergency Fundraiser

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Children’s Center at Caltech (CCC) decided to temporarily shutter its doors starting March 18. This decision was made to protect the children and families of all of our students, the teachers, staff, and all of our extended families. Fortunately for the CCC community, CCC leadership had the foresight years ago to start slowly building an emergency relief fund for just such an emergency.

During this unprecedented time, the CCC has been able to do what most other daycares and nonprofits have not: commit to paying teachers and staff 100% of their salaries and benefits while ceasing tuition payments. This enabled our hard-working staff and teachers to continue to support families remotely, allowing parents to focus on balancing their work and family without the added burden of tuition.

The CCC Emergency Fund, however, is a finite resource. It took years to build but will be depleted in just a few months. Please consider making a gift today to help replenish this vital resource. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible and will help prepare the CCC for a bright and secure future.

As a part of our precautions in response to COVID-19, we have also decided to cancel the Evening Under the Stars event, which was originally planned for June 6. We are focused instead on replenishing the CCC Emergency Relief Fund through this campaign and hope you will be able to help!

We still have the Racoon and Beaver quilts and will offer those to the donors who make the highest contribution in each of those classrooms.

We look forward to reopening our doors to the sounds of children’s laughter and play throughout the center.

For more information, visit our CCC Emergency Relief Fundraiser here.

Thank you.

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