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Playing with ClayBack to school nightstrollramps-3panel2panel1PouringPipette vs. Eye DropperForm and FunctionExploring Color PencilUsing a Spatula Using a whiskUsing a Basteroil pastelsslide1slide2slide3slide4PouringBastersOutdoor ExplorationExploring paint brushesMusic TimeExploring LightUsing Tongs!water playColor Mixing Saxophone Keyboard Sounds Flashlight Writing Pannel Dolphins Detect Sound


Slide1DRDPTEMPLATE Panelhoolahoop(1)mixing colorswax paperRainbow PanelPresentation1(1)sound and matter [Recovered]smoothie panelshadows and sunlight CCShadow MatchingStaff Development DayCupsAs the Dolphins learn more about light andDolphins Capture soundDRDPTEMPLATE PanelhoolahoopCDC Document 1 CDC Document 2 CDC Document 3 CDC Document 4 CDC Document 5 CDC Document 6Panel Jan 15th

Stheoscope - Copy


My Shadow panel


Dolphins on a Shadow Hunt panel