First Days

Integrating Your Child into the Center

Each child reacts differently to separation; and the frequency, intensity, and duration of distress will vary. Separation anxieties for both parents and children can be affected by a new environment, changes in routine, and problems at home. To help your child successfully adjust to the Center, we ask that you schedule at least one visit for both you and your child in the morning (between 7:30 a.m. and noon) or afternoon (between 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.). This first visit should be for at least 45 minutes. If possible, you should arrange with your child’s Lead Teacher to visit several times with your child. For the younger children, the Bunnies and Dolphins, visits of increasing length will be arranged as needed to assure a smooth transition. There is not one prescription for transition that meets each child’s temperament and staff will work with parents to make the process as smooth and anxiety-free as possible.

The Center allows up to one month from the time of your acceptance until tuition is due to allow for an individualized transition process to take place. You and the Lead Teacher will determine when your child is ready for full participation in the program. All children, full time and part time, participate in this process.

The first day you bring your child to stay without you, please allow a little extra time to help him/her feel comfortable. Establishing a routine leading to your departure is important, either by helping your child settle in with an activity or allowing time for one more hug. For your child’s first full day, we recommend that, if at all possible, s/he be picked up well before closing time.

Should your child resist coming to the Center after the first few days or weeks here, please let us know so that we may work in partnership with you on the difficulty.

To do for the first day

Please label all of your child’s belongings with his/her name.

Items you should plan to bring on your child’s first day:

  • all required paperwork; completed, signed and witnessed if necessary
  • a crib sheet and favorite crib-size blanket for nap time
  • a nap time toy (stuffed animal or doll)
  • your child’s lunch in a labeled lunch box or bag
  • clean, extra clothes, including underwear, that are seasonally appropriate