Music and Movement with Dayita



Click on the link below to view a video of the Beavers playing C Major chords on diatonic resonator bells while singing “El Juego Chirimbolo,” a children’s song from Ecuador.


Beavers with Resonator bells


Click on the link below to view a video of the Dolphins reciting and clapping color patterns using ribbons.


Dolphins with color pattern

Sight reading the rhythmic pattern of the song

“Funga Alaphia”


Adding the lyrics to the rhythmic pattern of

“Funga Alaphia”


Playing the rhythmic pattern of “Funga Alphia” on

bass bars.



Leaf, Pump-kin, Leaf, Ap-ple


Introducing C major scale by playing step bells:

Introducing the metallophone

The following videos are introductions to playing simple melodic and rhythmic patterns based on the pentatonic scale played on the Metallophone:

alternating hands playing Metallophone

intro to Pentatonic scale