Disaster Preparedness

Fire and Emergency drills

Fire and emergency drills are conducted monthly to familiarize staff and children with disaster
procedures. The usual evacuation destinations for each group are:

  • Bunnies, Penguins and Dolphins: the grassy area north of Avery
  • Koalas, Raccoons and Beavers: west parking lot behind play yards

Emergency Supplies

The Children’s Center keeps emergency supplies on hand in the event of a major disaster
when children might need to remain at the Center.

Emergency Evacuations

After a major disaster, if the Center facilities are considered safe by the staff of the Caltech
Housing Department and Physical Plant, the children will be kept at the Center. If necessary,
an alternate facility will be determined by the Institute. If the children have been moved
elsewhere, information will be posted at all the regular entrances to the Center.

The Children’s Center is included in Caltech’s Disaster Preparedness plan, which provides
shelter, food, water and basic medical attention for a 72-hour period. Children will be released
only to a parent or designate listed on your Emergency Information Form kept on file at the