Disaster Preparedness

Fire, Earthquake, and Shelter in Place Drills: Fire, Earthquake, and Shelter-in-Place drills are conducted monthly to familiarize staff and children with disaster procedures; we rotate between fire, earthquake, and shelter-in-place so that we practice each 4 times per year. The evacuation destinations for each group are posted in each classroom for fires. For earthquakes, classrooms evacuate directly to their corresponding yards.

Emergency Supplies: The Children’s Center keeps emergency supplies on hand in the event of a major disaster when children might need to remain at the Center. The Children’s Center is also included in Caltech’s Disaster Preparedness plan, which provides shelter, food, water and basic medical attention for a 72-hour period. Children will be released only to a parent or designated individual listed on your Emergency Information Form kept on file at the Center.

Emergency Evacuations: After a major disaster, if the Center facilities are considered safe by the staff of the Caltech Emergency Operations Team and/or the CCC Emergency Preparedness Team, the children will be kept at the Center. If necessary, an alternate facility will be determined by the Institute. If the children have been moved elsewhere, information will be posted at all the regular entrances to the Center, and will be shared on the Caltech website and to all parents via email (if possible).

Release of Children: In an emergency, if we remain at the center, parents will be asked to gather outside the main entrance. In an effort to keep all children accounted for, and to reduce anxiety for children remaining at the center, we will bring individual children out to parents and release them at the main entrance. Please do not enter the center unless you are directed to by a CCC staff member.

If we are relocated to an alternate location, information about the release of children will be shared via the Caltech website, email, text, or phone. Below are several resources that will be helpful in the event of an emergency:

  • https://www.emergencypreparedness.caltech.edu/Communications has information about Caltech communications during an emergency. The Caltech website (caltech.edu) will have updated information from the Emergency Operations Center at Caltech, which will include updates on The Children’s Center.
  • Earthquake Hotline: 626-395-3003
  • Security Office: 626-395-4701 (non-emergency) | Emergency Dispatch: 626-395-5000 (24 hour line)