Drills & Evacuations

All CCC staff are trained in Adult & Pediatric CPR and First Aid annually.

Bunnies Evacuation Plan

Dolphins and Penguins Evacuation Plan

Preschool Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Routes

Parents should familiarize themselves with the Evacuation Map in order to be prepared in case of emergency. Large Evacuation Map PDF is available for downloading.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Information Phone Line: 1-888-427-7512
Earthquake Hotline: 626-395-3003
Caltech Security Office: 626-395-4701
Caltech 24 hour Emergency Response Line: 626-395-5000
Caltech Emergency Notification System: If you are a Caltech faculty or staff member click here.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are carried out once quarterly, as a center.
An alarm will sound, and following the plans posted in each room, children leave the building accompanied by their teachers, who also bring the classroom pack, first aid kit and sign-in sheet.

At the designated outdoor meeting place, the director or disaster drill coordinator will meet each class and call roll before the class returns to its yard or room.

Earthquake Drills

Earthquake drills are carried out once quarterly, as a center.
At the first tremor, staff are to say loudly and firmly, “Earthquake!”. She/he then drops and covers, wherever she/he is, and verbally encourages/helps all those children nearby to do the same. It is imperative that the adults protect themselves first in order to be available to help the children after the quake is over.

If evacuation to a site is different from one listed, signs will be posted at our entrances informing parents of the new location.

Shelter in Place Drills

Shelter in Place drills are carried out once quarterly, as a center. An alert will be sent out, and teachers will proceed with the 4 S’s – SEEK shelter, SECURE environment, SILENCE any sounds, STAY where you are until you have been advised it is safe to leave.