Dismissal Policy

We want to partner with parents to solve any discipline problem. However, physical or emotional abuse of another child or teacher, which is determined to be excessive or repetitious by the Staff and Director, will be grounds for dismissal.

Following is an outline of steps that will be taken before dismissal will be considered:

  • Initially, a parent conference will be scheduled to discuss the behavior(s) needing to be addressed, and to develop a plan to correct them.
  • An outside assessment may be appropriate to help evaluate the problem and assist in developing a plan to correct it. This may result in additional cost to the parent.
  • Next, a reasonable amount of time will be given for improvement in the child’s behavior. Another parent conference will be scheduled to evaluate the child’s progress.
  • Finally, if the behavior persists, and cannot be resolved to the Center’s and the parents’ satisfaction, it may be determined by the Director and Staff that the program does not meet the child’s needs. At that time it may be necessary to withdraw the child from the program.

Parents’ non-support of or non-adherence to Children’s Center policies will be cause for dismissal.