Frequently Asked Questions

What ages does your program enroll?
We offer a full-day (7:30 am to 5:30 pm) year-round Infant/Toddler and Pre-school program. We enroll infants when they are six months old and can accept children up until they turn 6 six years old.

What are your classroom ratios?

 Bunny  6-18 months 2.5 – 3.5 : 1 4 : 1
 Dolphin  18-30 months 4 – 5 :1 6: 1
 Penguin  2-3 years 4 – 5 :1 12 : 1
 Koala  3-4 years 5 – 6 : 1 12 : 1
 Raccoon  3.5-4.5 years 6 – 8 : 1 12 : 1
 Beaver  4-5 years 6 – 8 : 1 12 : 1
Children are placed according to their individual developmental readiness.

Do you have an after school program or summer program?
No. There is such a program located within walking distance from ours. It is administered by our sister program at JPL, the Child Educational Center. You may call them directly at 818-354-3418 or access their website for registration and more information.

Does the Children’s Center @ Caltech have a waiting list right now?
Yes — we have two. One for Caltech affiliates and another for members of the community.

Do I need to be an affiliate of Caltech to apply for your waiting list?
No — but you will be assigned to our secondary waitlist.

Who is a Caltech affiliate?
Current students of Caltech, current staff and faculty receiving paychecks from Caltech and/or the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

When should I get on the waiting list?
As soon as you find out that your family is pregnant and have an approximate due date. Because your priority on both lists is established according to the date we receive your application, the sooner the better.

How can I get on your waiting list?
Submit an Enrollment Application here.

How can I schedule a tour of the Children’s Center @ Caltech?
Email us at and we contact you back to schedule an appointment, or you can call us at 626-395-6860. We can only give tours in the mornings between 8am and 11 am.

How can I find out more about the Children’s Center @ Caltech?
If you have additional questions about the center, they may be answered elsewhere on this website. In particular, take a look at the page for current parents.