Personal Possessions

All items, clothing and other belongings, MUST BE LABELED with your child’s name. Your child should have a complete change of clothing in his/her cubby at all times, including a water-proof bag for wet or soiled clothing. The Center has a limited amount of clothing to be loaned for emergencies (for example, to clean up after clothes are soiled by sudden illness or a toileting accident). Center clothes that are loaned to your child must be washed and returned to the Center by the following week. When the weather is warm, you may send a bathing suit and towel for water play.

For nap-time, your child will need a crib-size blanket. In the preschool classrooms, your child will also need a crib-size sheet for their mat (sheets are provided in the Bunny and Dolphin rooms). The sheet and blanket MUST BE LABELED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME and taken home each Friday for laundering. (Crib/mat sheets are laundered daily in the Bunny class by housekeeping staff.) If you wish, a comforting stuffed animal or doll may be brought to the Center for nap-time.

Children are often eager to bring toys from home to the Center; however, the risk of damage, lost parts or misplacing the toy is great. The Center strongly discourages bringing toys from home, and staff cannot be responsible for these items. For “sharing”, we encourage bringing age-appropriate books, tapes and “discoveries” such as corncobs, seedpods, feathers, interesting leaves, sprouting onions, shells, pebbles, etc. These treasures are often displayed in the science area where they stimulate discussion and exploration. Be sure to label any of these types of items your child wants back; otherwise the Center and its staff cannot be responsible for them.