Parent Work Hours

We believe it is developmentally beneficial for children to know and feel the importance of their
own daily care and education. We believe children are most influenced by their own parents
and more readily adopt for themselves the values they observe in their parent(s). Modeling
esteem for your child’s school and respect for teachers can make our job easier, too!

Two-parent families agree to contribute twenty (20) hours per year, and Single-parent families
agree to contribute ten (10) hours per year. Work hours may be waived by paying $25.00 per
hour ($500 per year for two-parent families, $250 per year for single-parent families).

The work-hours obligation must be fulfilled during the period from October 1 through
September 30 of any school year. Unless other arrangements have been made, a minimum
of ten (10) hours, or five (5) hours for single parents, must be completed by March 31.
Families will be billed for hours not completed by March 31 and the charge will appear on their
May statement. You may, of course, earn and be credited for more than the minimum
requirement by March 31. Remaining work hours must be completed by September 30.

Families enrolling after October 1 will have their work obligation prorated at the rate of ninety
(90) minutes per full month for two parent families.

Parents may earn work hours in a variety of ways. Some examples are: preparing teaching
materials, serving as a committee member for a fundraising event, participation in classroom
activities (i.e., assisting a teacher with a special project), sewing, membership on the Board of
Directors (a one year commitment fulfills obligation), Room Parent, participation on a field trip
as a “walking partner” for at least one child, attendance at a parent function such as Options
for Elementary School, or Open House, or attending Board meetings. Work hours are not
earned simply by participating in a fundraising event (i.e., selling tickets or items for a

Each family is required to fulfill no less than 4 hours (2 hours for a single parent) by
participating in a Saturday work morning. Families are exempt from this requirement if their
work job already fulfills their annual commitment, or if families choose the payment option. A
detailed Job Listing is distributed each fall.

Parents will be responsible for reporting any work hours completed by indicating the time and dates worked in the Parent Hours notebook in your child’s classroom.