Dolphins Room Guidelines


Building a positive, productive relationship with your child’s teacher will determine your experience in the Dolphin room. When dropping off and picking up please make sure to check-in with a teacher for any updates about the day.

Toys from Home

We ask that all toys be left at home. Please do not let your children bring items of great value, toy weapons or money to school.

Parent Participation Hours

The CCC requires twenty parent work hours per fiscal calendar year. (October thru September). You will be billed $25 for every hour you do not complete. It is your responsibility to keep track of your hours in the notebook located next to the Parent Mailboxes. We will post opportunities to earn parent work hours throughout the year. However, if your schedule does not allow you to participate, you will need to seek out opportunities. Think about how you can use your work experience, talents and hobbies to fill your PPH’s requirement. You are always welcome to come in and rest sit. You must participate in a Saturday work day unless you have an assigned job such as room parent or you serve on the board.

Home and School Connections

We will put together a family collage for your child to have in our class.


CCC will celebrate your child birthday with healthy muffins at our 3:00pm snack time on the day of your child’s birthday. Please coordinate with your child’s primary care giver to choose an alternative day if the birthday falls on a weekend day or holiday.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Sign your child in/out each day using your full legal name.
  • Check your child’s extra clothes supply often.
  • All of child’s items must fit in his backpack.
  • Provide a clean blanket for naptime weekly.
  • Label all of your child’s belongings, clothing, lunch box and containers etc…
  • Sunscreen we will reapply after waterplay after nap. Apply sunblock before coming to school.
  • Provide 2 diaper creams. For hygienic reasons, we do not share diaper creams.
  • A lunch containers in a reusable lunch box/bag label and dated. Please see the parent handbook online nutrition and food safety guidelines. The CCC has a “NO NUTS” policy. Provide utensil if needed for lunch.


The following are some tips when considering clothing for your child while he/she is at school:

  • Dress you child in play clothes that may get dirty.
  • Label every item of clothing.
  • Bring two changes of clothing appropriate for the weather. Also, please check your child’s cubby daily for plastic bags containing wet or dry clothes that will need to be taken home.


CCC will provide a nap cot and a clean sheet for your child to rest on. We ask that you provide a blanket for your child labeled with his/her name. We will send the blanket and sheet home daily to be washed.