Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

All staff working with children are mandated by the State of California to report any suspected
child abuse or neglect. Reports, by law, are made without prior notification to parents, to the
Protective Services Division of the local Department of Social Services. Signs of abuse and
neglect include, but are not limited to: bruises, burns, prolonged inability of the child to interact
with or relate to staff and/or children, or inflammation or other abnormal appearance of

We ask that you tell us the cause of visible bruises, etc. that have been incurred at home, and
we in turn will notify you of the circumstances surrounding any injuries sustained at school.

One other item considered to be child neglect is leaving an unattended child in a car. If a staff
member observes an unattended child in a car, she or he will mention it to the child’s parent.

The Center rarely makes child abuse calls, and we earnestly wish to work in partnership with
parents. For further information regarding the Child Abuse Reporting law, you may consult the
Attorney General’s Child Abuse Prevention Handbook in the Children’s Center Office.