Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities are for the purpose of providing fresh experiences and learning opportunities for the children. Center teachers present related curriculum both before and
following onsite presentations or field trips.

All children take walking trips on Campus, a nearby park, the fire station, the library and the surrounding neighborhood. We feel this gives the children a sense of belonging in the community. Whenever possible, the center hires guest performers such as artists, musicians, and puppeteers. Additionally, various hands-on experiences are made available to the children through visitors to the CCC. Among the many visitors to the Center, the aquarium, petting zoo, dental van, Pasadena Humane Society, and fire engines are regulars. Each of these is a valuable addition to our diverse program. Older groups may also go on bus trips to places such as the Arboretum, the Zoo, the Page Museum, Kidspace, and Descanso Gardens.

For safety and liability reasons, when children are transported offsite by vehicles, we use buses and professional drivers who have been pre-approved by the Caltech Insurance Office.
These school buses have seat belts and high padded seat backs; children’s own safety seats may be used with the belts. Parents preferring to drive their own child may do so. If you prefer not to have your child go on the trip but still need care, let the office know no later than two days before the field trip and alternate care at the Center will be arranged.

A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board for field trip by bus at least a week before the
trip. Please watch for this and indicate on the sheet whether your child, and/or yourself and,
will be participating or not. If you would like to bring a sibling not enrolled at the Center, you
may do so, however, you will need to transport that child in your own automobile and will be
responsible for that child throughout the outing.

Children not regularly attending the Center on the day of a bus field trip are invited on these trips for the duration of the trip only. For instance, a Tuesday/Thursday child is welcomed on a Friday trip. If your child is in this category, be sure to sign up on the field trip sheet, and be sure to pick up your child at the end of the announced time of the trip, usually between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. The cost of any extra curricular activity is included in the tuition for enrolled children. Parents may be asked to pay actual costs incurred for themselves and/or siblings.

We encourage parents to accompany us on field trips. The children benefit greatly from
having an adult accessible to chat with, who can expand the experiences and sights of the trip. 16
To receive work hour credit for attending a field trip, a parent must take the responsibility to be a “walking partner” for one or more children throughout the entire trip. If two parents come, work hour credit will be given each parent if they each take the responsibility to be a “walking partner” for one or more child(ren) throughout the entire field trip.