It is the Children’s Center policy to establish and maintain the necessary atmosphere for healthy Staff and Parent relationships. As a vital part of this process, participants in the program must have the opportunity to submit complaints or grievances arising from work situations. The Center has provided a grievance procedure designed to give such matters careful consideration and bring them to a fair and speedy resolution. All grievance issues will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. In addition, staff and parents have the right to contact California Department of Social Services, Licensing, with any grievances.

Traditionally most adults contribute to the CCC environment in a happy, healthy and harmonious manner. However, we understand that from time to time situations may arise that need to be addressed. We believe that grievances and personal complaints are best handled informally and expeditiously. Parents are encouraged to speak to their Lead Teacher or to the Director with concerns, questions and suggestions. In the event that further steps need to be taken for resolution of the parents’ concern, following are the steps for filing and resolution of grievances is in place:

Step I – A written notice should be submitted to the Center Director clearly outlining the issues to be addressed. The Director will make a reasonable effort to obtain the necessary facts and to resolve the issue immediately. When appropriate, parents may request that the Director set up a special meeting with one or more affected staff in order to provide a forum in which to discuss the grievance issues. The Center Director will do fact gathering and respond to the parent no later than 10 working days from the date the grievance was first received.

Step II – In the event a mutually satisfactory solution has not been reached as a result of having explored avenues available within the Center administration, the parent may proceed in the following manner:  A) the parent should write a clear, concise statement of the grievance, B) outline his or her understanding of the decision given by the Center Director and C) include his or her desired remedy or correction. This information must be completed and provided to the Chairperson of the Personnel Committee of the Board of Trustees within 10 working days from the Center Director’s final decision, or from the date it was due under Step I above. The Personnel Committee will then obtain a written statement from the Center Director outlining her/his views on the matter, the basis for the decision rendered, and all actions taken to resolve the matter within the Center. The Personnel Committee will take all the above information under advisement.

Step III – The Personnel Committee will review and discuss the parent’s appeal and will provide a response within ten (10) working days. A meeting to discuss the response may be requested.