Parking & Safety

Parking seems to have gone from bad to worse. Families have shared with me the following:

  • Parking in handicapped zone
  • Cars parked in undesignated spots such as behind the tree
  • Parking in the fire lane
  • Double parking

As a result it becomes impossible to exit the parking lot adding to the problem.

Additional Parking

The lot next door and the underground parking lots have a lot of available parking. For those without a permit, these spaces are available without a penalty of ticket after 5:00PM. The best advice is to allow a few extra minutes at pick up time.


In addition to the congestion, there are safety concerns. Children have been seen dashing into the parking lot. Since the children are still at school, we will be talking to them about parking lot safety rules. Some recommendations:

Stay on the sidewalk or in the designated cross walks until you are in front of your car
Always hold hands and this includes older siblings
Look all around before stepping into the parking lot

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.