Reminders about Safety

Good afternoon CCC Families,

We wanted to send out a friendly reminder regarding Center Operating Policies, page 6 of The Parent Handbook:

Sign-in, sign-out: Each day your child(ren) must be brought into the classroom by an adult. As mandated by State Law, the adult must sign his/her full name on the sign-in sheet. The same is also required at pick-up time. Only adults who are authorized on the emergency cards will be allowed to pick up any child. Please make sure that a teacher knows when your child has arrived or is leaving.

Gates: It is imperative that all doors and gates be closed and latched behind you when you enter or leave the center. Children may not enter or exit the program without an adult in attendance. We strongly recommend holding your child’s hand when entering the parking lot. Please do not allow them to run ahead of you.

As the evenings are lighter, we realize it is more inviting to hang out on the yards at pick up.  We want to remind you that the school closes at 5:30pm.  Children should be with their parents making their way out of the center at this time.

Please also remember to move slowly and carefully when entering and driving in our parking lot. There are often children present and they are not always easy to see. Be mindful and move cautiously!

Thank you,

The CCC Administrative Team